Setup Water cooled Chinese spindle with VFD 1.5kw and 2.2kw

Setup Water cooled Chinese spindle with VFD 1.5kw and 2.2kw

That website will help you wire and setup your  spindle with Vfd

We sell several models of spindle, such as : 1.5kw 220v ,  1.5kw 115v  2.2kw 220V ,  3.0kw  2220v  and ATC Automatic Tool Changer  Spindle  1.5kw  and 2.2kw  each of the spindle have to same wiring  as we show you below on the picture .

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wire spindle with Vfd HY

Green and white is power wire

wiring spindle with Vfd


setup VFD

Dear friend,
If you don’t know how to make the proper electrical connections, the following will help you:
Connect “R” and “T” (at the inverter) to the single phase power supply. You could also connect “R” and “S” or “S” and “T”. Both ways are ok. And then connect the “U, V, W ” to the motor 1, 2, 3(U to 1, V to 2, W to 3). Number 4 is for earth. You can either connect earth or not. Usually, we don’t connect earth
If you use this VFD for this spindle motor 0-400HZ , Please set the parameters of the VFD as our following suggestion step by step, and don’t change the sequence:
Step 1: Set PD005 =400
Step 2: Set PD004 =400
Step 3: Set PD003 =400
Step 4: Set PD072 =400
As the orginal factory value setting is for a normal 50HZmotor, so please change the the above parameters according to your motor. If there have any other questions please feel free to contact with us.


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spindle steup for cnc router machine